About Learn to Grow, Inc:
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The Creative Loafing Newspaper, on December 16, 2009 and again on December 19, 2011 identified Learn To Grow, Inc. as "Atlanta's Best" when it comes to empowering youth and communities.

To empower youth through positive youth development and strengthen families, and communities.

Learn To Grow, Inc. was founded in 1997 with a strong commitment to empower the disadvantaged, low income, high-risk population.  This organization embarked on profound norms of mutual trust, respect, honesty, effective and healthy communication, professionalism and integrity, continued unity, and mindful representation of the Organization.  These elements initiated and propagated a unique promising heritage and prosperity for this organization and the communities it serves.

As mentioned above, the purpose of this non-profit organization is to serve disadvantaged low-income, high-risk population.  We base our choice of targeting this group on three premises: first, we strongly believe and envision that any efforts of prevention of high-risk behavior among youth must be initiated before they are involved in unhealthy lifestyles and/or the criminal justice system (by demonstrating such undesirable behavior); second, a large portion of high-risk behavior is attributable to the socialization and the environment within which young generations grow (since their childhood); and finally, these high-risk behaviors can be rectified with proper and effective intervention strategies geared toward children as well as members of their socio-cultural milieu; i.e.,  their family members, peers, and the infrastructural environment.

This organization particularly focuses on certain major aspects of high-risk behavior: prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse, teen pregnancy, delinquency, school drop-out, violence, crime, HIV/STD/AIDS, and unemployment.  We constantly strive for excellence in terms of knowledge gaining including needs and environmental assessments of these issues especially in reference to the communities we serve, and systematically adopting such knowledge to attain behavior modification among the members of these communities.  Specific activities include:

1) Organizing and participating in periodic seminars, workshops and conferences to update and exchange pertinent information;
2) Provide technical assistance to other community based organizations and other entities with similar interest in designing, implementing, and evaluation of intervention and outreach strategies;
3) Direct involvement with the communities by conducting demonstration, research, and service delivery programs.

These activities facilitate to develop appropriate modalities for specific population segments; maximize the effectiveness of resources and efficiency of performance; and, to generate self-empowerment, accelerated mobilization, and long lasting results within the target communities--thereby attaining the ultimate goal of effective planned social change.

Learn To Grow, Inc. provides alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use prevention strategies   for youths and adults residing in Atlanta, Fulton County Georgia through Information Dissemination, Education, Alternatives, Environmental, and Community based Process.

The Organization addresses the following risks factors:  Community, Family, School, Individual, and Peer i.e. Availability of Drugs; Family Management; Community Laws and Norms Favorable toward Drug Use, Firearms and Crime.

These protective factors are addressed: Communities that care; Support; Positive Values; Empowerment; Boundaries and Expectations; and Constructive use of time; Commitment to learning; Competencies; and Positive identity.